BiTRIS - Original Documentation This is the original BITRIS.DOC file as included in the original download package

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»»»      »»»»»»»»»   »»»      »»»   »»»»»»»»    »»»»»»»»    »»»      »»»»  <tm>

                           The "Better Games" Series

                              BiTRIS<no_tm> v1.50
                             The two player Tetris

               Written by:     Jan Egner & Leo Moll
               Distributed by: YFTN Aachen, the Utility Masters
               NodeNumber:     2:242/2
               Phone:          +49-241-39932
               SysOps:         Leo Moll - Jan Egner - Martin Koser
               Filerequest:    From 00:00 To 03:00
                               From 07:00 To 23:59

               Documentation written in Oct 1989 by:

                             Leo Moll

      This Documentation:

      This documentation was written late in the night and I do not want to
      annoy you with too many words (and I'm too tired to write them.....).
      Please read it carefully.

      1. License

      Feel free to copy and to distribute BiTRIS<no_tm>.  BiTRIS<no_tm>  is
      SHAREWARE.  We spent a lot of time building this fine program  and so
      we ask for a little contribution of 10 Marks.  If you are in Germany,
      please make a "Überweisung" to

               Empfänger:        Jan Egner
               KtoNr:            246074
               BLZ:              390 500 00
               Bank:             Stadtsparkasse Aachen
               Verwendungszweck: BiTRIS

      If you are not in Germany, you can pay the contribution simply sending
      10 Marks or an equivalent sum of money in a closed envelope to

               Jan C. Egner
               Jakobstrasse 24b
               D-5100 Aachen
               West Germany

      If you feel yourself too poor to send 10 Marks, or if you have serious
      problems sending the money  (cost of sending is higher  than the fee),
      send us a postcard with a "Thank You!".
      If you can afford a computer, I think that you can also afford a post-
      card and a stamp...

      2. Distribution

      No fee must be charged for copying,  downloading or  distributing this
      program.  It must be distributed in the original state with all of its
      files. The original BiTRIS package is contained in a ZIP file called:

                 BTRIS150.ZIP    and it contains the files:

                 BITRIS.DOC     This documentation
                 BITRIS.EXE     The program
                 BITRIS.MUZ     The MUZAK file
                 MERGEHI.EXE    The HiScorefile-merger

      Note for SysOps: Please DO NOT change the contents of BTRIS150.ZIP and
      DO NOT change  the  compressing  method  unless  a better program than
      PKZIP (c) will be available.


      3. Playing BiTRIS

      BiTRIS is a two player Tetris<tm>. If you know how to play Tetris<tm>,
      you know also how to play BiTRIS<no_tm>. If you don't know how to play
      Tetris<tm>, please learn it before you try to play BiTRIS<tm>. [GRIN]

      Copy simply all the  BiTRIS<no_tm> files in a subdirectory  and  start
      the program typing BITRIS followed by a <CR> on the DOS command line.
      You can start  BiTRIS<no_tm> from any other path.  BiTRIS<no_tm>  will
      find its BITRIS.MUZ and BITRIS.TTL file in any case.

      You can get help about the key mapping and the game options simply ty-
      ping H in the BiTRIS<no_tm> MAIN MENU.

      4. BiTRIS<no_tm> commandline options.

      Starting BiTRIS<no_tm>, you can specify some command line options. You
      can get help about them by typing  BITRIS /HELP  followed by a <CR> on
      the command line.

      /NOCOLOR    forces BITRIS to use a monochrome color set even if it
                  encounters a color adapter. This is useful for playing
                  on some computers with a LCD screen.

      /COLOR      forces BITRIS to use a normal color set even if it en-
                  counters a monochrome adapter. If you find some appli-
                  cation for this switch, please contact me. [GRIN]

      /PL:Name_1  This two options are useful to set a default  for  the
      /PR:Name_2  hiscore. If you make a hiscore,  you  will be prompted
                  for the name of the left and right player.  Setting  a
                  default, you need only to confirm by hitting the  <CR>
                  key. In the command line,  spaces in the names MUST be 
                  replaced by underscores.

      /M:OFF      Defaults Muzak OFF

      /M:<muzak_file>  If you have an alternate Muzak-File, you can spe-
                       cify it here. Muzak-Files are compiled by MUZCOMP
                       YEAsoft's MUZak compiler. You can get it from us.

      /G:nn       Specifies a default for the garbage level.  This value
                  can be from 1 to 15

      /L:nnn      Specifies a starting level other than 200.  The  level
                  can be from 0 to 400

      /H:<hiscorefile>  Specifies an alternate HiScorefile. This is use-
                        ful if you want to  administrate  separate  high
                        scorefiles. It's your own responsibility to give
                        a correct filename.  If the file does not exist,
                        BiTRIS<no_tm> will try to create it.


      5. The program MERGEHI

      With MERGEHI you can merge 2 HiScorefiles into one. This is useful
      to create a HiScorefile of a  little group of people interested in
      playing BiTRIS or for a BiTRIS Contest.
      If you have two or more HiScorefiles, you can merge two of them in
      a new one typing:

            MERGEHI <first_file> <second_file> <new_hiscore_file>

      In this way you can create a Hiscorefile with the hiscores of all
      of your friends.

      6. The first GERMAN BITRIS OPEN

      The First German BITRIS OPEN will start at

            October 27, 1989

      Please contact YFTN Aachen (242/2) or Y(EA & LoCOS)FTN 2 Paderborn
      (242/25) for further informations.

      You are all invited...... [GRIN]

                               Have fun!
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