Alix Rescue and PE System

alix-rescue is a minimal standalone debian system intended as rescue, fallback and preinstallation environment for PC-Engines™ ALIX boards with serial interfaces. It is delivered in a version for direct installation on local CF media and a version for PXE netboot. alix-rescue is available as Debian (squeeze) or Ubuntu (hardy and lucid) based image.

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Name Age Size Description
archive 4,9 years  
end-of-life 4,9 years  
alix-rescue-debian-6.0.7-12.tar.gz 4,9 years 107,60 MB
alix-rescue-debian-7.0.0-12.tar.gz 4,9 years 125,21 MB
alix-rescue-ubuntu-10.04.4-12.tar.gz 4,9 years 120,07 MB